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My Weekend Reading List

I’m racing through the medical terminology text that just arrived in the mail, but I’m playing catch-up on my reading this weekend as well.  Here’s what I’m reading for fun.  Or something.  It might be a hobby.

Now Understand Why They Hate Us David Hilfiker, M.D.

Citi, Alone Among Banks, to Report on Use of Bailout Money Paul Kiel (I’m a week or two late, but it’s nice to know all the same)

Blood is Everywhere Caoimhe Butterly (via American Leftist)

Who Should Obama Look to for Advice?: Jimmy Carter Ivan Eland

I would ordinarily pass on the Instapundit because he  often gives me a headache, but Reynolds  seems to suggest on a scan that Obama and torture may be more simpatico than we might think here and hereThe one thing I know we do agree on: the moral issues related to torture are a slam-dunk. (Maybe Dick Meyer didn’t hear about the imminent danger myth?)

Gitmo Database Details 779 Prisoners’ Cases Eric Umansky

I may add to my list tomorrow.  Who knows.

What are you reading?

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Meh Culpa: On torture

‘Net bloggers Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald had words this past week, specifically about whether John Brennan. a potential Obama pick for CIA director, approved of the Bush administration’s policy on torture. (And yes, “enhanced interrogation techniques”–a Nazi description of that Reich’s own pursuits against humanity, by the way–is torture.)

I’m with Greenwald on this. If you agree, speak your piece at

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