Meh Culpa

Who’s the biggest idiot of the day?

Yeah, I know. I’ve been gone a long time.

There are limits to my patience.   I could not watch the Obama administration mishandling the progressive agenda by abandoning most promises made during the campaign without wanting to rant and hiss and scream.  That doesn’t make for good blogging, now does it.  (Not really a question. Hence, the lack of usually appropriate punctuation.)

Well, today I’m back for a quickie.  I’d like to say that Evan Bayh* is  carping dumbass fool  inane if he imagines that Coakley lost in Massachusetts because the Democrats’ agenda is too progressive.

Progressive? Where?   Show me progressive, Evan, you idiot.

Lemme see, Dems kowtowed to Olympia Snowe and heeded the growls of Blue Dogs in crafting the health care bill, which is now a tremendous flop, a giveaway to Insurance and Big Pharma because of some deal Obama made with those industries behind closed doors,  and looks to get even  worse. Witness:  allowing Catholic bishops to influence legislation with respect to abortion.   Now Barney Frank admits the bills deserves to be in the crapper, but still wants to work with Snowe & Friends.   Mmmmm, that tastes progressive!  ( My ass, it is.)

Bush II gave tons of taxpayer money away and Obama let the same jerks  (and their friends) who ran this country into ruin by repealing necessary bank regulations continue to wreak havoc and ruin.  Just you wait. It’ll happen.  The Dems let the banks continue to make the same mistakes and pay vast bonuses in the wake of  the country’s economic disaster just to show voters on Main Street that we don’t matter.   Obama’s only response to the banks’ largesse, sheerly political in nature and kinda dumb for a smart guy, was taxing the banks to allegedly pay back the American people when anyone with half a brain knows the banks will pass the expense on to consumers.  (Thankssoverymuch,  Barack.  You’re a chump peach.)

Naturally, Cosmo poster boy  Scott Brown is such a narcissist he thinks his win is B I G G E R than a slap in the face to Obama and progressives, while progressive polls show that voters who backed Obama are still behind the reforms,  but don’t believe the Democratic party can stand and deliver. Ya think?  It’s Massachusetts, Brownie.  That’s where liberals go to die.

Obviously, Evan didn’t know.  Or he wouldn’t have been so stupid and let it go to print.  Same with Barney, who used to be a liberal.  Goddess knows what happened to him. (Head injury?) And our fave poster boy, Scotty Brown.  I thought you had to be smart to get into law school. Maybe not.

So who’s the biggest idiot?  Well, the day is young yet.

* Just Google “Evan Bayh is an idiot” and you’ll see what I mean.

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