Meh Culpa

Meanwhile, back at the WH…

Department of Defense officials allegedly presented President Obama with a fully redacted copy of an Unclassified document detailing Binyam Mohamed’s torture by American personnel.

For some reason, the DOD doesn’t want Obama to know what Clive Stafford Smith of Reprieve calls the “bizarre reality” of the President of the United States being denied knowledge of what happened to Binyam Mohamed.

The full .pdf file is here on the Guardian‘s web site.

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Simple Solution

No, not the pet spray.

No one seems to have figured out, least of all the DOJ, that in the case of Binyam Mohamed the government attorney didn’t need to plead state secrets. He could have asked for a continuation–more time to review the facts of the case before using precisely the same argument as the Bush administration’s.

Eric Holder was confirmed as Attorney General, what, eleven days ago?  I think he can have a little more time to get his act together.  Yeah.

So why wasn’t he given the chance?

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