Meh Culpa

My Weekend Reading List

I’m racing through the medical terminology text that just arrived in the mail, but I’m playing catch-up on my reading this weekend as well.  Here’s what I’m reading for fun.  Or something.  It might be a hobby.

Now Understand Why They Hate Us David Hilfiker, M.D.

Citi, Alone Among Banks, to Report on Use of Bailout Money Paul Kiel (I’m a week or two late, but it’s nice to know all the same)

Blood is Everywhere Caoimhe Butterly (via American Leftist)

Who Should Obama Look to for Advice?: Jimmy Carter Ivan Eland

I would ordinarily pass on the Instapundit because he  often gives me a headache, but Reynolds  seems to suggest on a scan that Obama and torture may be more simpatico than we might think here and hereThe one thing I know we do agree on: the moral issues related to torture are a slam-dunk. (Maybe Dick Meyer didn’t hear about the imminent danger myth?)

Gitmo Database Details 779 Prisoners’ Cases Eric Umansky

I may add to my list tomorrow.  Who knows.

What are you reading?

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