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Meh Culpa: On appointing Hillary Clinton to a cabinet position

The vetting of Hillary is underway, so says The New York Times.  But what if the finances of Bill’s foundation irrevocably muddy the proverbial waters?  Will Obama have any other choice but to make the appointment? I think he can, pun not intended. While Obama might alienate Hillary’s base for a time,  he has four years to make or break his presidency and Americans like to forget.

I’ve long thought Bill is Hillary’s personal albatross.  She may love the guy, but he’s a Freudian slip waiting to happen simply because his ego dictates that he undermine her at nearly every turn.  If Obama appoints her and she’s going down, it’ll be during confirmation hearings and it’ll have something to do with Bill.

Obama’s next best bet is Bill Richardson.  He would certainly make for less D-R-A-M-A.

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Meh Culpa: On Promises Kept

Teddy Kennedy returned to work today!

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Meh Culpa: On torture

‘Net bloggers Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald had words this past week, specifically about whether John Brennan. a potential Obama pick for CIA director, approved of the Bush administration’s policy on torture. (And yes, “enhanced interrogation techniques”–a Nazi description of that Reich’s own pursuits against humanity, by the way–is torture.)

I’m with Greenwald on this. If you agree, speak your piece at

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