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Bush Hands McCain A Bone

The White House said yesterday that it was McCain’s idea that the presidential candidates to get together with Bush. So Bush obligingly recalled both McCain and Obama to Washington for whatever you call a tête-à-tête when there are three people involved instead of two. A good citizen comes running when the president beckons, so Obama said he’d go. Reluctantly, no doubt.

McCain has said he’d suspend his campaign so as to handle the bailout crisis–as if there aren’t ninety-eight ninety-seven (I forgot about Biden) other senators in D.C. already doing just that. McCain’s also tried to put off the debate tomorrow evening, but it only looks as if he’s running scared. Or hoping the bailout crisis will be mostly over by the time another debate can be scheduled. Obama, on the other hand, said tomorrow was an opportune time for a debate because the American people deserve to know what their next president plans on doing about the financial mess we’re in. Presumably, Obama can unveil a specific plan at the debates and show McCain up. Maybe not, but there’s always that possibility.

Politically, this is not a great time for McCain to debate Obama. The economy is, he has admitted, not his forte. Chances are, he doesn’t know what a credit default swap is, or why it was a bad thing. Not only that, his best buddy, former senator Phil Gramm, sponsored the 1999 bill that put an end to bank regulations created during the Great Depression to avoid a calamity such as the one we’re currently facing. And McCain thought Mr. Gramm should be president. (Imagine that!) McCain, an almost career-long deregulator himself, probably would need to duck quite a few volleys at the debate.

It’s no great stretch for Republicans to (cynically) call McCain a hero for setting aside his personal interest–you know, that whole “Country First” agenda they’re so proud of–to save America from his own party, those deregulating, trickle-down folks who idolize their hero Ronald Reagan. Oh well. Maybe some of the Republicans will mean it, but clearly McCain’s idea was politically motivated, as just about everything has been since his loss to Bush during the 2000 presidential campaign. Despite being royally dissed at the RNC, Bush still has enough party loyalty to hand McCain a bone. And whether or not McCain attends the debate, Obama maintains the show must go on. Too bad for McCain the kerfluffle makes Obama look like an expert–juggler, that is.

I can’t wait for the political cartoons.


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