Meh Culpa

Opening Day at the Races

Here in California we get the news later than anyone else in the lower forty-eight. Usually three hours later. So, by the time we’ve read all the news there is to read, it’s over. The news has been published far and near and commented upon by an infinite number of bloggers, ad nauseam. And I get up later so I’m the horse that comes in last.

::le sigh::

Anyhow, I opened this blog in the hopes of collecting and commenting upon political news and information of interest to me on the chance it might be of interest to you: the reader who isn’t reading yet.  Since I do have an abundant readership (being facetious here), I’m leaving the comment section open while it’s still safe.  I can’t promise that policy will continue; moderation’s possible, although I’d have to have time for that. My first inclination–which, of course, I’m mentioning second–is to BLOCK comments since I truly despise racism, meanspiritedness, namecalling, among other small details.

But I’ll let it be and see how it goes.


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